AC 217, 303, SMN 305


Getting started:

  1. TV: Power on/off & adjust volume using controller on wall adjacent to TV
    Note: If computer screen is not displayed, do the following: 
  2. INPUT: Select input 1 using controller on wall 
  3. COMPUTER: Power on where indicated on side of TV
  4. GUEST COMPUTER/LAPTOP: Select Input 2: use HDMI cable on table 

Zoom Meeting:

 Using keyboard & mouse

  1.  ZOOM: double click on ZOOM icon 
  2.  JOIN A MEETING: select JOIN A MEETING MEETING ID NUMBER: enter 9 digit meeting ID number provided with your reservation – then press enter 
  3.  JOIN AUDIO BY COMPUTER: Select Join Audio Conference by Computer 
  4.  END MEETING: press red Leave Meeting (bottom right corner of screen) then Leave Meeting button
  5. TV: turn off when through
    NOTE: TO SHARE DESKTOP: click on SHARE SCREEN located bottom center of screen. 
  6. TO END SHARE SCREEN, click on END SHARE SCREEN located at top center of screen.


There are four options available when displaying the computer on the screen:
  1. PC SCREEN ONLY: picture shows on computer only 
  2. DUPLICATE: same picture on computer & projector 
  3. EXTEND: different computer / projector images * 
  4. SECOND SCREEN: picture shows on projector only 

To access the options, press and hold the WINDOWS key followed by the P key and RELEASE:

A “PROJECT” menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Choose your option.

COM Conference Room Extension Numbers

AC.217: 7883
AC.229: 7882
AC.303: 7566
SMN.137: 7888
SMN.305: 7877
SMN.317: 7878
BL27/213: 8414

For Assistance, Please Call Ext. 7606 or 8179
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